Issue #35

Remember as We Feast, Prepare for the Metaverse, Mr. Rogers Antidote, and more...

Issue #35
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Join me in prayer as we start this letter.

Lord God, you are the giver of life and light, and all that is good. We thank you for your faithfulness and love. You humbled yourself and died for us, and we thank you that in his death, we may find life. Grant us eyes to see all that we may be thankful for which surrounds us and has become mundane.

We pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering and don’t have the comforts we enjoy. Give them grace and peace and bring them help in their need.


Read and Reflect 📖

4 Truths to Remember as We Feast | Sarah J. Hauser 📃 →

I know this letter goes out the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday, but I want to start with this reminder. The family gathering and feasting can too often turn inward, or even sour, when we don't remember the goal and purpose of feasting. Sarah Hauser helps us to reflect upon the Biblical purpose and theology of feasting, and how that should transform our gatherings.

At the heart of right feasting, we remember our God. Consider the feasts throughout Scripture. For example, in Exodus 12–13, God commands the Israelites to observe Passover as a way to remember what the Lord did for them in Egypt. In Esther 9, the Feast of Purim is instituted as a day to recall when sorrow turned to gladness, mourning into a holiday (Ex. 9:22).

We can do the same. Rather than entertaining as a way to perform in front of others, our meals can point to the goodness of God. We can still serve excellent food, use fancy dishes, and cultivate a place of beauty. But the posture of our hearts must not be self-exaltation. Instead, we exalt the only One who can fill our hungry souls (Ps. 107:9).

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