The Garden Weekly (TGW) welcomes contributions! There are several different ways to contribute.

The Weekly Newsletter

The premier publication of TGW is the weekly newsletter. If you have content that you're proud of and you think would be a good fit to be linked in the weekly newsletter, pass it along to

There is also the potential to be a guest writer for the TGW newsletter. If you have a ministry and would like to collaborate, please e-mail, include your name, a link to your content, and the general theme you'd like to use. I do ask that, aside from the intro content, you only include one link to your own content.

Please understand that I'm not going to fit every piece of content I receive into the newsletter. This is not an indictment on you or your hard work! I simply only have so much space to use in my newsletter. I try to respond to every e-mail, but please understand that I have a family and day job that also requires my time. Please do not spam this e-mail.


You can e-mail us about sponsoring for a week. It's a great way to get more guaranteed engagement with the TGW audience. Your post would be marked as sponsored content and appear right below the introductory article. I can provide metrics upon request, and there is no current "going rate." Swapping sponsorships to promote one another is also an option.

Posts and Articles

TGW also may post "blog-style" posts, "link-style" feature posts, and more formal articles. If you have an idea for contribution, please e-mail with the following information:

  1. Your name and credentials if you have them.
  2. A link to your ministry website, YouTube channel, etc., if you have one.
  3. A one-paragraph synopsis of your idea and why you think it's important.

If your idea is selected, your post is likely to be featured in the TGW newsletter, the post will contain a link to your ministry website, and contributor profile will be created for you with your information.