Issue #33

Bible Translation, Evolution of Worship, Reporting Abuse, and more...

Issue #33
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Bible Study: Psalm 2 — The Chosen Son Inherits All

While studying the Book of Hebrews, we will encounter many quotes from Old Testament passages. Usually, these quotes are between one and three verses, but the author seems to expect that the reader knows and understands the context of the passage. Knowing the Old Testament context can fill in important details. And, they’re often just really interesting.

So occasionally we are going to step out of Hebrews and look at the context of a quote. Our first comes from Hebrews 1:5, which is pulled from Psalm 2:7.

The Psalm is anonymous, though in Acts 4:25 it’s ascribed to David.

It has four movements. The Psalm writes of the futility and stupidity of rebelling against God. But not just God, also his Misyah (Messiah) — his anointed one, a king who is also God’s son.

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Q&A: A Bible Translator Answers Your Questions about the ESV (with Dr. Paul House) | Crossway Podcast 🎧 →

I like the ESV. I don’t think it’s perfect, but it’s a good translation. I’m not highlighting this podcast episode as an endorsement of the translation but as an interesting look into the translation process itself. It really is quite fascinating.

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