Issue #29

KJV Only Controversy, Enjoying the Bible, Empathy Is Not Sin, and more...

Issue #29
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Bible Study: Hebrews Part 2 — Structure →

In part 1, we discussed a brief overview of Hebrews. We asked questions like who was the author, who was it written to, and why was it written.

I'm trying something new: a video version of the Hebrews Bible study. The first video is embedded below. The goal is to translate the content in these Bible Study posts into a video and audio form. I'm still figuring out the best way to set everything up and hopefully it will improve over time!

In this study, I want to ask a different overview question: what can we learn about Hebrews from its broad structure and outline? I’ve looked at numerous scholars’ outlines of the structure of Hebrews and while there’s some disagreement about how Hebrews should be organized, I think a rough outline is fairly clear...

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Consider Another Perspective 🤔

The KJV Only Controversy with Mark Ward | Remnant Radio 📽 →

This is an outstanding interview about the “King James Version Only” controversy. If you’re not aware, there are people in the body of Christ who not only argue that the King James is a good translation, but that it’s the only good translation. As Ward explains, there is a spectrum of belief, from “the Greek that the King James uses is the closest to the original” to “the King James is the perfect inerrant scripture.”

I like Ward’s balanced approach. He appreciates what the King James has done and the cultural language that it has brought us. But he also shows us how easily misunderstood King James English has become (see his “false friends” series on Youtube for examples) and points out its flaws.

I enjoyed this interview and recommend it to you, even if you already use a different translation. You’ll learn about perhaps the most important book ever published in the West (the King James Bible). And you never know when a little knowledge about an in-house Christian discussion like this may be helpful.

Ward’s Youtube channel (which is excellent!) and book on the KJV controversy are also linked below.

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